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, coming up on 7 on your side. >> chancellor cal reaches out to high school students offers assurances going to college will not be out of reach. >> i'm spencer chris chichblt loudz increasing this evening. temperatures will be rising this weekend. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment. >>> uc berkeley chancellor is making a promise to high school students tonight. if they do the work and are admitted into the university of california he says the financial resources this-to-#pooƱ them get a college education will be abc 7 news is here with this story. >> you know no one better than he to talk about the value of a college education. the uc berkeley chancellor was a first in his family to graduate from high school, he went on to get his phd from yale. only a few students will end up at cal. the hope is that they'll all end up in college. the chancellor travels to lincoln high in san jose to talk to students about the importance of an education. first, addressing seniors.. >> people will put obstacles in your way. >> the chancellor highlighted there are resources
will be operating on a rush hour schedule all day long, cal train running extra trains in the morning and after the parade as well. some will be rerouted around the parade. golden gate ferry adding service near the start of the parade, you can stay home, watch it live. you can watch it at work, our coverage begins tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. >> san carlo tonight police looking for four men wearing giants masks during a robbery in a consignment center. they used sledge hammers and smashed several cases and then grabbed what they could get. sky 7 was over the martinez jail after it went on lock down this afternoon followed the death of an inmate. detention center officials say this happened during the intake process. they're not releasing any details and say it happened in an area where no guns are allowed. >> here is the latest on super storm sandy. this is lake michigan. sandy kicking up 20 foot waves today, tying a record. >> this is new jersey. you can see what happened to boats in this hash on. sandy made land fall on the jersey shore last night. they stacked up and several towns were flo
buyout. giants hope to bring out marco scutero and angel pagan. cal football team just lost their best player, keenan allen not going to play in tomorrow night's game. allen hurt his knee last week expected to be out two to three weeks and there is just over a minute left. it didn't look bad at that time. the question is why do you risk your best player when down with a minute left? i don't get it. offensive coordinator talked about what it will mean to the absence against u-dub. >> the competitor that he is there no way you don't mess a guy like that. it's like anything they've been maturing. and it's not the end of the world. >> so we don't know if he'll be back for the season conclusion, another full plate of college football saturday starting with oklahoma at iowa state. highsman front runner and 24, oklahoma state. nfl raiders at home against tampa bay. challenge for defense is stop this guy. doug martin had a break out game last week. 214 yards two, touchdowns. >> this is a guy that has got great vision. he's quick. and he also runs with great power so he's got a lot of different
is that it is the low he cal level and state level that really matters. >> for the romney campaign, a delicate balancing act. travel both president today is new jersey governor chris christie, one of romneys staunchest supporters and there he was traveling with the president. >> i think this is our sixth conversation since the weekend and it has been a great working relationship. >> reporter: as president obama picks up points for his response to the storm, the romney campaign is attempting to expand the battleground, buying ads in michigan, minnesota and pennsylvania. >> we are on offense. >> the president's top advisors calling it foementum saying if romney were really competing in pennsylvania he would be in pennsylvania instead of florida. we asked san jose state political scientist melinda jackson to sort it out. >> i tend to trust the data and the polls are showing that obama seems to be gaining in the last few days down to the election. >> reporter: jackson says the romney campaign has money to spend and they hope to use it to create a storyline that will swing late deciders. >> if they can creat
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4